Good day everyone!

Was just randomly checking out this space a while ago and yeah guess what..i actually missed blogging alot!
I still remember how i would never fail to always update this space regularly, be it with my rumblings or just penning down of my daily life routines..
But sadly i dont even do that anymore now :(
Lazy, perhaps? Or then again, guess i'm growing out of that phase already.
Haha, part of growing up i'd say?

Anyway, after so many months of not updating i suppose nobody even comes to this space anymore? /:
Ohwell, however! If you're that minority who actually still do come here..just a few updates of what's going on in my life right now :D

Firstly, i landed myself a new job and am no longer with AIA..
Thank god for that, but then again not that working there sucks..i've got great working colleagues, really little workload as well..
But afterall i guess everyone just needs to upgrade themselves better in order to fit into this society nowadays.
So i decided to try out this position which was offered to me in a logistic company (:
Still going fine at the moment, hitting my 6th month mark pretty soon.
Workload is a tweeny weeny bit more as compared to my previous but i believe i'll do fine in time to come!

As for studies wise, i guess i'll put it on hold till next year!

Now secondly, for my invisalign!!!!! :D
I'm having it on for 7 months already!
If everything goes well, i'll most probably be saying hello to my straight set of teeth by Nov this year.
If you haven already know, i've finished the last set for my bottom teeth already so yes am awaiting for my upper set to be all straight now!
Hee, seriously cant wait till Nov!

Thirdly, i'm glad i found my other half and will be reaching our first year mark real soon.
Though it's still early to plan/say, but we're already making plans for the future ahead ;)
So yes, i strongly believe that we'll overcome all odds together!

And lastly, i'm finally turning 21 this year!!!!!
Happy yet sad.......
Hopefully after i officially turn 21, my parents will give me the key to freedom.
I hope they will really see me as an adult now and treat me like one, especially my Dad.
First thing i'm wishing for is that my Dad will allow me to travel overseas with my close friends & happy pill!
My mom's pretty easy going, just MY DAD! :(

I think the above pretty much sums up everything.

So i guess i'll be back to this space pretty soon i hope?
Haha, or probably when i miss blogging again :P

Till then xoxo~

Happy Birthday S!

Met up with the clique to Timbre the day before yesterday to celebrate Sharon's belated birthday (:

Happy Birthday Babe!!! ❤
We should meet up again real soon for some retail therapy!

Bought her a slice of strawberry shortcake from Canele!
And i kind of regretted not getting their macaroons! The rose flavoured one especially, gosh.

Did some catching up with each other over dinner and ordered a couple of drinks after that (:
Though the meet up was only for a short while cze most of us had to work the following day, but nevertheless it was a fun one filled with laughter throughout ;)

As for today, i went for the second round of consultation for my invisalign and guess what, i'll be officially having them on on my next visit there!
Hehe, aww totally cant wait for 1 Sep to arrive asap!
And the awesome thing? I only have to have them on for 31 weeks which is equivalent to around 8 months or so then hello straight teethhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! :P
Excited much?!?!?! Haha.

Anyhow, sad to say i wont be updating as much as before already /:
I realised ever since i started work, my life's been pretty mundane.
Everyday's the same old cycle, what's newwwww?

And i think i seriously need to search for a better paying job than my current one....

The Big 2!

Turned 20 last Sunday on the 24th of July! :D
Finally bidding goodbye to my teenage life, somehow feeling good knowing that i've officially entered adulthood.
Though i know that it's only next year when i turn 21 then it's more or less official /:
But ohwell, hello 20!!!! Hehe.
Hopefully more mature i'd say ;)

Caught this midnight movie, wasn't too bad!
It got me totally glued to the screen!

Went for supper at Mr Teh Tarik after the film, was itching for L4D2 initially but dropped the idea knowing that we got to wake up early for our breakfast buffet @ MBS the next morning.
But even so, i dint manage to wake up on time and overslept for nearly an hour -.-
So much so for sacrificing L4D for more hours of sleep....

Anyhow, went for their morning buffet @ The Rise at MBS and my oh my was it awesome!!!!!
Especially the bread and butter pudding!! :D
Am salivating just at the thought of it now, haha!

Walked around MBS, and fell in love with one of the wallets from YSL ❤
Though the Burberry one looks rly gorgeous too...
But anyhow, am coming to get you no matter what!!!! After my pay's in that is /:

Went for dinner with Grandma and family in the night :D
Though it's just a simple celebration for the day but i enjoyed it with the presence of my loved ones around me! Hehe.
Thanks for the red packets and all too!

And just the other day, we visited USS!

Main motive there was to conquer...BATTLESTAR GALACTICA!!!!

Proud to say we managed so, and i swear the adrenaline rush was super man! (Y)
Kinda regretted not sitting more then once knowing the fact that the queue time was less then 5minutes...
Dumb or what, lol.

Human was more frightening due to the rly steeeeeeeeep drops!
Screamed like there's no tmr, my god.
Swear Cyclone was way much better though there were a couple of 360 degrees turns here and there.

Sat the mummy ride too, another one helluva thrilling ride.
Was seated right at the front somemore!
Yelling away like one mad woman throughout, but..i'm lovin it!! :P

Why do i look so plump here :(

Enticing looking potions!

Not as yummy as i thought, prefer the ones at Korea's Lotte World.

Madagascar's boat ride.

Couldn't stop laughing at this photo! Haha!!
Cute perky ass!

Hello mr.penguin!

Reminds me of..LOL

4D Shrek!

Ok i think i seriously need to cut down on my binging, i seem to have put on alot of weight!
Especially around my arms area and..face? :(

The other day at Vivo with the usuals (:

Hello buddy! Both 24th July babies, hehe.

Great catch up over dinner @ Marche and thanks for the yummy cake! :D

Ohyes, and did i mention that i'll be going for invisalign soon!
Prolly next month?! (:
Hehe, mad excited..though i know it kinda costs a bomb..8k isn't a small sum.
But guess i'll be sharing half the burden with Dad.
Cant wait to have a straight set of teeth!!!!
Looking forward to it!

Did i mention that i won myself an Ipad2 during a lucky draw on Recruitment Night last Tuesday?!?!?! :D
Seriously cant believe that out of the few hundred who graced the event, i was actually that lucky fellow who managed to walk away with the top prize! Haha, awesome shit!
At least, i dint attend for nothing /:

Anyway, am gna go back for my second consultation for my face tmr morning.
Got to be there super early as the clinic closes at 11am, so..goodbye beauty sleep!
Hopefully the consultation fees and medicine this time round wont cost me a bomb again.

And followed by USS with my happy pill on Monday! :D

Headed out to town with Joelyn on Monday after my work! ;)

And since i'm currently under a tight budget, by right..i shouldn't get anything for myself..however this pair of extremely itchy hands just had to get herself a bag and a few other miscellaneous stuffs /:
At times i really wish i dint have to step into FEP so as to curb this bad habit of mine, haha.
But ohwell, girls.. so what do you expect right!? :P

Hating my skin complexion still! :(
Wishing that the pimple scars on both my cheeks could disappear like right away!!!!
(Though i know it isn't really obvious in the photos..)

Loving' the floral hair tie! :D

Cant wait for my pay to be in on the 7th!
Seriously in need of cash now, am a poor kid for now! :(

And finally it's the month of July!
Exactly 19 more days before i hit the big 2, hehe!
Bye to teenage years, hello to adulthood!